High-Quality Services

Cinemo is proud to provide its customers with a wide range of consistent exceptional services at all stages of the business relationship.

Uncompromising Service

Cinemo stands not just for excellent quality, but also for uncompromising service excellence because customer satisfaction is at the center of our efforts.

Providing excellent service enables us to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Close Relationship

We work with our customers to help them defining their multimedia, media management and connectivity architecture

Solution Optimization

We port and optimize our solutions to our customer’s project head-unit/rear-seat unit and specific Board Support Pack (BSP)

High-Quality Solutions

We continuously improve our middleware for feature set and robustness and we ensure quality assurance and release management of our middleware

Customer Support

We help our customers with finding and fixing problems, from the first release to production and analyze product failure to guide our customers

Trusted Partners

About Cinemo

Cinemo has become a global leader in Automotive Infotainment Embedded Solutions based on consistent high-quality and performance as well as excellent customer support and service. Our high-quality and scalable in-vehicle infotainment solutions, including rear-seat tablet-based multimedia, acquired a very strong reputation among the automotive industry and privileged to be recognized with nine awards for our work.