Our service and support begin long before a company decides to work with us, for example by prototyping their next generation infotainment projects.

Developing a Proof of Concept with Cinemo

The decision of so many companies to take advantage of our services is certainly based on Cinemo’s advanced technology, the reliability, scalability and high-quality of our solutions as well as outstanding service and support.

Complete Solutions

We provide Tier 1 suppliers and car makers with complete solutions to integrate directly into their system, accelerating dramatically the development time of their Proof of Concept

Scalable Solutions

We help automotive companies with our flexible solutions to enable many brand new use cases for connected infotainment, never seen before in the car

Portable Solutions

We enable easy, fast and efficient development by offering Cinemo's solutions for any operating system requirement, e.g. directly for an embedded target, or for Windows 8.1 or Linux x86 for fast prototyping, or in a real-time operating system environment for clusters

Cinemo as Partner for Exhibitions

We enable automotive companies to use our infotainment solutions to better show the virtues of their products at industry related shows (e.g. CES)

Trusted Partners

About Cinemo

Cinemo has become a global leader in Automotive Infotainment Embedded Solutions based on consistent high-quality and performance as well as excellent customer support and service. Our high-quality and scalable in-vehicle infotainment solutions, including rear-seat tablet-based multimedia, acquired a very strong reputation among the automotive industry and privileged to be recognized with nine awards for our work.