Our Media Management Engine is designed to allow nearly instantaneous access to all media content available in the car, regardless of the location or storage device.

Ground Breaking Distributed Media Management ™

With intelligent algorithms and extensive optimizations, Cinemo Media Management Engine™ offers a user experience on low-footprint automotive infotainment systems equivalent to, and often faster than, a home PC: Cinemo truly revolutionizes the way and speed IVI digital media can be controlled.

Cinemo in-vehicle infotainment solutions are compatible with all major operating systems:
Android, GENIVI, INTEGRITY RTOS, iOS, Linux, QNX, Windows CE and more.

Advanced API

Our very advanced journaling API enables seamless database syncing with for example Gracenote databases, allowing a simple integration of Gracenote recognition and discovery functions, or Voice Recognition and Speech engines

CE Device Connectivity

Cinemo’s Media Management provides ultra-fast combined content indexing enabling CE device connectivity, including compatibility with Apple iAP/iAP2 protocols, MTP, Bluetooth

Multi-pass Technology

Cinemo’s ultra-fast combined content indexing is multi-pass and enables already right after insertion of a device (e.g. USB mass storage, Apple or Android device) the access of the content for searching and content delivery (playback)

High-quality Engine

Cinemo’s Media Management Engine™ features ultra-fast searches, supports complex queries, smart synchronization, Unicode collation, alphabetical index generation, video thumbnail creation, dynamic on-demand searches and a seamless approach between local and connected database access

Supported Devices

Cinemo’s advanced multimedia architecture using ultra-fast media management works with virtually any device and fully integrates the population of music metadata for eg Gracenote’s analysis

Cinemo’s advanced multimedia architecture using ultra-fast media management serves as a complete solution to the needs of a media centric consumer in the car, enabling unified transition on mobile, cloud, head unit, or rear seat configurations.

Cinemo is at the forefront of the technology as it takes content distribution to a new level.

We are very proud that Cinemo won multiple industry awards for its Distributed Media-Management™.

In-Vehicle Acessoiries/Control/Navigation

In-Vehicle Audio/Video

Supported Platforms

Cinemo’s modular and versatile software architecture allows virtually free choice of operating system platforms and hardware components.

Supported Formats

Cinemo has strongly invested into compatibility with all predominantly available file formats, providing its customers with a truly comprehensive solution.