Our high-quality and ultra-fast infotainment solutions allow car makers and their Tier 1 suppliers to deliver a PC and home entertainment like concept to the car.

Cutting Edge In-Vehicle Infotainment Software Solutions

Because of the highly competitive nature of the automotive market, technology has become an important differentiator and has a significant influence on the car purchasing decision. Cinemo develops the most complete, powerful and high quality embedded Multimedia and Streaming middleware dedicated to Automotive/In-Vehicle Infotainment systems (Head and Rear-Seat units).

Cinemo in-vehicle infotainment solutions are compatible with all major operating systems:
Android, GENIVI, INTEGRITY RTOS, iOS, Linux, QNX, Windows CE and more.

Fully Integrated Connectivity

Our integrated Connectivity solutions provide passengers with a way to enjoy in the car Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Apple and Android devices and more.

Ultra-fast Media Management

Our ultra-fast Media Management allows nearly instantaneous access to all media content available in the car, regardless of the size, location or source

Advanced Rear-Seat Entertainment

Our software based Rear-Seat Entertainment solutions enable to display the same video on multiple screens (e.g. tablets) in a frame perfectly synchronized way

Highest Portability

Regardless of the amount of codecs supported, or the operating system, or the hardware, Cinemo always provides the same set of API functions, making it very easy for our customers to develop for multiple platforms

Optimized Media Player

Our unified middleware solutions decode, play, render, stream, manage and index virtually any file, disc, connected device and stream

Unrivalled Reliability

Due to a comprehensive testing process, Cinemo ensures highest robustness levels with all hardware and software platforms

Unique Scalability

Our very modular software architecture allows all system scales including entry, mid and high and Rear-Seat Entertainment systems

We accelerate the development of new products by strong partnerships and close cooperation with leading technology companies.

Supported Platforms

Cinemo’s modular and versatile software architecture allows virtually free choice of operating system platforms and hardware components.

Supported Formats

Cinemo has strongly invested into compatibility with all predominantly available file formats, providing its customers with a truly comprehensive solution.